Take a look at what is so special about this neighborhood that we call home. 

The beauty and charm of of our older homes is central to what makes Llanerch one of the most lovely neighborhoods in the Township.  We take pride in being good stewards of our houses and strive to preserve the historic character of the neighborhood for future generations.

we llove llanerch!

On the outside, these buildings are made of stone and brick, stucco and cedar shake.  But when you get to know Llanerch, the spirit of the many families who have lived here and the community that they built in this neighborhood is palpable. 

Llanerch has seen that community flourish in so many ways: in the generations of volunteers with Llanerch Fire Company to the service of the Llanerch Women’s Group; in the children who walked to Llanerch School and came home for lunch every day; in the two neighborhood churches and the Sunday dinners after church with grandparents; in pick-up kickball games and evening bike rides; in the Llanerch boy scout troop and the Llanerch Men’s and Women’s Bible Study Groups; in Fourth of July Parades and the building of Llanerch Crossing Park; in the wave from the porch, the sharing of garden plants, toddler play dates at the park, and meals for those who are sick; but most of all, like in many parts of Havertown, in the strong bonds between neighbors that become life-long friends!

we love our neighbors!

we love our old homes!